Winter Veil And Protection Against Cold And Frost

Winter sails in burlap

Before the cold weather is there, we must protect its most fragile plants because a single jelly can be fatal. Different methods exist but the wintering veil is the simplest and most effective protection.

What protection against the cold?

Good protection against the cold should help keep air in the plant while letting it breathe. This is what the wintering veil allows. Made of non-woven polypropylene, it has the advantage of allowing air and water to pass while protecting shrubs and frosty plants from cold wind, frost and snow. You can put it in double thickness for better protection: a thickness saves 4 to 5° C. Depending on the case, some wintering sails are shaped cover, which facilitates their establishment and their maintenance on large subjects.

Conversely, the plastic bubble is rather to avoid because it is waterproof and prevents any breathing plants, which do not take rain. The confined universe thus created is therefore conducive to the development of diseases, especially cryptogamic. On the other hand, you can wrap, with the bubble wrap, earthen pots that are likely to burst with frost.

Winter veil and protection against cold and frost

Plastic that you have perforated can be used because it will be less stifling for the plant that can have air and water through the small holes.

Mulching can provide good protection provided it is a good thickness (10 to 15 cm). It can consist of dry straw or dead leaves that you can keep with burlap. Moreover, the burlap can also be used as a wintering veil by covering rosebushes for example or any other plant fearing frost moderately.

Contrary to what would be common to think, the snow is a good insulator because under this white mantle, the temperature is just above 0° C, and in addition, under the surface earth that can freeze slightly, living beings like earthworms continue their work of improving the soil structure, so it's very positive!

Some tips against freezing

If you do not have a greenhouse where your plants can be brought in pans or pots during the winter, gather them against the most isolated wall of your house, sheltered from the cold winds and exposed to the frail winter sun: you will cover all of a wintering veil.

Do not water during the winter: the rain will be sufficient to bring the necessary moisture to the plant under winter veil.


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