Italian Shower: What Are We Talking About? Conception? What Cost?

The walk-in shower with its clean look is very popular. Its installation, within reach of hobbyists, is realized at the same level as the floor of the bathroom. This feature makes the walk-in shower an element of modernity and that adapts to all styles of decoration.

Italian shower: What are we talking about? How to conceive it? What cost?

This type of shower has the advantage of providing easy accessibility, appreciated by disabled people, seniors, but also children.

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What is a walk-in shower?

Originally, a walk-in shower is a fully tiled shower from the floor to the walls. It takes its name from the Roman showers which it has the same characteristic: a slightly sloping ground to run the water. The walk-in shower also has the characteristic of being on the same level, that is to say that it is installed at the same level as the ground. It is therefore ideal for people with reduced mobility, for the elderly who travel with difficulty, but also for children.

In addition to this significant advantage, the walk-in shower fits easily into any bathroom, large or small, and above all allows you to create a shower exactly matching your style, given the many materials and colors available to compose. the floor and walls of his Italian shower.

On the hygiene side, the walk-in shower is easier to maintain than the traditional shower tray because it is made using flat surfaces.

With its open space, no shower tray, no curtains, no walls clauses that are replaced by glazed surfaces, no door, the walk-in shower fits perfectly in a bathroom and maximizes its surface.

How to make a shower in the Italian way?

Even if the walk-in shower can be installed by an amateur handyman, its installation requires however great vigilance to be sure that its watertightness is total. Its installation must be perfectly sealed and made with perfectly adapted floor and wall joints. Before installing a walk-in shower, it is necessary to cover the space it will occupy with a waterproofing sheet and a waterproof paint on the walls.

To design a walk-in shower yourself, the following items are needed: a tile tray, a plug and a connection tube, wall tile and a shower column.

The walk-in shower can be composed of different kinds of catcher to tiled. In rooms where it is possible to dig the ground about 5 cm, the "receiver to ask" is ideal. Once the bung installed, just put on the floor this type of ultra flat tray. In bathrooms where no digging is possible, the "raised catcher" must be used. Before the installation of this receiver, it is necessary to raise the ground and to realize a small structure of a height which makes it possible to hide the bung and the evacuation of water. In this case, the walk-in shower is accessible by a small step.

The water drainage system is very important for the comfort and efficiency of a walk-in shower. This is to install either a siphon, which requires space under the receiver and must be well dimensioned to the size of the shower, a "gutter" evacuation shaped small gutter very aesthetic.

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How much does a walk-in shower cost?

The cost of a walk-in shower depends on the work it requires. In a new home, its installation is planned upstream and does not require digging the ground to install the receiver. By cons, renovation, work is necessarily more consistent and more expensive. If it is necessary to count on average a cost of 500 euros for the elements of the shower itself, that of its pose varies from simple to double, from 1 500 to 3 000 euros according to the work to realize.

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